Letter - Schools do a lot for us; now it’s our turn to help them out


We ask a lot of our public schools. All those hats to wear — teacher, nurse, consoler, cook, guardian, trainer, counselor, janitor, arts instructor, adviser, coach, mentor and friend. They turn our many challenges into opportunities. We ask more of the schools now than at any point in our history. And they still strive to be the best — not because we deserve you, but because if they let up our children’s lives and the future of our Valley would be considerably less.

For all they do, there are times they come ask us for the resources to meet the daunting task before them. As a proven steward of our children we could probably trust them with our tax dollars. A clear majority of us does, but there are those who still regard the school district with suspicion, wanting yet a greater return on their investment. Perhaps they have not witnessed at close range the teachers, administrators and staff doing so much extra to serve our kids. Perhaps they haven’t cared to look.

So the school district returns with a request that attempts considerably less. I’m sorry it has to beg on behalf of our kids. Its modest plan for the Walla Walla High School science building is not all our youths deserve, but it will do, we hope. Now we voters have the chance to do our part. After all, we shouldn’t expect the school district to be better than the community it is called to serve. It’s given us more than we deserve, and this is our chance to show our appreciation to the students, teachers, administrators and staff.

John Van Slyke

Walla Walla


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