Letter - Time to impeach, fire, vote out those who want more taxes


I’ve had it with those who continually support leaders (so-called) who demand more taxes, lie and misconstrue facts.

We have a new governor who lied to get elected and locals who continually push (and bully) us into taxes for Walla Walla High School. County commissioners and others in the Courthouse who try to toss blame at our duly elected sheriff or who are extremely jealous of the absolute good he has done for our county and all promises he made during his first campaign and has kept.

County and Port commissioners who outspend their portion of income (from taxpayers), give money to businesses (mostly wine) who can’t make it on their own energy or resources, and more future taxes are being discussed here and Olympia.

Don’t take my word for this, Check it out. It’s easy to find.

Records published at usaspending.gov show the Obama administration and HHS Kathleen Sebelious spent over $44 million (taxpayer) dollars on foreign language translation since Obamacare was passed.

This taxpayer money could and should have been spent on the following and would have paid for 1,128,205 mammograms, 2,095 knee replacements and 414 heart coronary bypass surgeries.

Some may accuse me of being racist. I really don’t care what those people say or think. I’m of the mind that if someone wants to become an American citizen they should do it the way millions and millions have: legally.

If you want to become Americans then do so by showing us you’re willing to learn English, abide by our laws, ethics and morals. Don’t try to condemn us for your countries’ failures.

Robert Phillips

College Place


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