Letter - Wa-Hi science bond needs to be more financially sensible


Vote no on Walla Walla High School science bond.

The first bond ($65 million) was cost inefficient. This bond is cost inefficient ($10 million-plus).

School officials said: “This is the bond everybody wants.” I haven’t heard anyone say “this is the bond the public wants.” Please don’t put words in our mouths! We who oppose this bond are not tight penny pinchers. We just want our money to be spent wisely.

Wa-Hi needs to plan a more financially sensible bond. Contractors are in this more for the money than the welfare of the community.

School officials said: “This (bond) won’t raise your taxes that much.” Beware, more Wa-Hi bonds are coming (to rebuild the rest of the school).

I agree with the letter Doug Simmons wrote April 2 about how they don’t need to build a new science building, and that the existing building is in good shape. He said $3 million or $4 million would be more than enough to modernize the current science building — not $10 million.

Doug is a Wa-Hi grad and a retired math, chemistry and science teacher.

Most of all, this bond will really hurt people on a fixed budget, senior citizens, the elderly and young parent homeowners who don’t have a big nest egg.

We have existing bonds that need to be paid, roads that desperately need repair, hungry and sick people (kids also) who need help.

Wa-Hi and its supporters need a smarter proposal to pass this needed bond.

Vote no on Wa-Hi science bond.

Larry Thomsen

Walla Walla


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