Letter - Wait on Wa-Hi science building until Edison is paid off


Regarding the condition of the current science room at Walla Walla High School, there sure seems to be a lot of contradictions in the opinion letters.

But the two I found most troubling were from science teachers.

One, from the department of chemistry at Whitman said it found the Wa-Hi science facilities “shocking.” And, that several issues required by law were either nonexistent or defective.

My first thought was there must be routine state inspections of all school science facilities. After all, the state inspector for barber and cosmetology does, at the very least, yearly inspections.

So, at Wa-Hi, those items should have been corrected by use of the maintenance levy funds. Even over time, all of it could have been taken care of, or, it should have been done right when it was built.

Furthermore, like others have commented, isn’t it strange the taxpayers have never heard mention of “lack of sinks” before now?

The other science teacher, retired from Wa-Hi, says the science teaching areas are very functional, and the storage area of the biology classrooms is “huge.” The exception he commented on was the chemistry lab area needs to be larger.

The administration, school board and teachers gave him input. Nothing they said would involve a new building, except for the architect’s opinions about rooms being too small.

I guess taking out some walls never occurred to them.

Also, putting a picture of a science classroom on the front page of the Union-Bulletin on Oct. 14, 2013, with one work station countertop in obvious clutter, and in the middle of the aisle a trash can was, in my opinion, staged. The next countertop over was without clutter. Or, are students allowed to leave their work areas messy?

I believe this bond is being rushed and pushed onto the taxpayers before the more than 350 students leave Wa-Hi and transfer to the new College Place High School, thereby opening up all kinds of room at Wa-Hi and eliminating overcrowding.

In conclusion, I felt the language on this bond was suspect and definitely contained wiggle room for the school district, just my opinion. My vote on this bond is “no.”

I think the school board should wait until the Edison school bond is retired. Let`s take care of one bond at a time.

Lee Johnson

Walla Walla


barracuda 1 year, 5 months ago

Some interesting points.......


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