Letter - All of Wa-Hi could be updated for $10 million


The current Walla Walla High School science building has two classrooms updated approximately four or five years ago. These updates allowed these two rooms to be used extensively as computer classrooms.

Since there was no air conditioning, a requirement for the heat put out by the computers, the rooms were air-conditioned and the room ceilings sealed to aid the AC. A new lighting system was also installed. The cost to update these two classrooms in the science building was close to $35,000. This remodeling was done over the summer.

The science building is right next to where I taught for 10 years. I’ve been in the physics and chemistry classrooms for meetings, substituting and passing through.

I retired from the Walla Walla School District last year after teaching the automotive program at Wa-Hi for 10 years. The automotive facility is outstanding and updated.

We did not build a new building because items were outdated. We updated the facilities.

Somehow, the school district managed to remodel Sharpstein and Green Park. For the $10 million being requested, perhaps all the Wa Hi classrooms could be remodeled (at the above cost) rather than constructing one new building, which benefits only the science department.

Remember, the student body at Wa Hi will soon be losing nearly 400 students to the new College Place High School.

This will reduce the Wa-Hi enrollment to approximately 1,400 students. This is nearly the student population for which Walla Walla High School was originally designed.

Vote “no” on the bond.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla


Doceo 1 year, 1 month ago

...says the man who taught in one of the newer facilities on the campus. One wonders how he would have felt about teaching auto mechanics in the old Park Street building prior to the construction of the much newer vocational building. Updating only goes so far. If the science building is remodeled for science, walls need to be moved, rooms need to be rewired and plumbed etc.

Architects have provided the cost estimates for both a remodel of the entire science building and the cost to build a new building. These professionals have determined that it is more cost effective to build a new science building as opposed to remodeling the old building and adding additional new science classrooms.

When there is a problem with my car I take it to a certified mechanic and pay careful attention to their advice. I generally follow the advice I have been given and get the car repaired or about every 10 or 15 years I even replace that old car. Why should we take a different approach regarding the advice provided by professional architects?


katijo 1 year, 1 month ago

As they did with the transportation/maintenance building, and technology levy (years ago), the district will/can do it anyway. The 2 levies I mentioned were DENIED by voters, but miraculously happened anyhow.


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