Fundraising helps SuitCase Dances off on right foot


Fundraising efforts for an upcoming production of SuitCase Dances resulted in a cache of $2,620, which organizer can use to run the performance in the black.

“No small feat for an independent project like ours, said artistic directors Peter de Grasse, Vicki Lloid and Raffaele Exiana, in a release.

Preparations are underway for the show, including studio run-throughs.

Artists are coming into town from around the Northwest, including project music arranger Ethan Maier of Portland, who will also bring musicians from his ensemble.

Featured player Jen Clark travels on a weekly basis from Seattle for rehearsals.

Raffaele has completed costumes for all of the players, dancers and actors. Robert Parrish’s posters are now up in various corners of town.

Additional studio space for rehearsals is courtesy of Nancy Wells, owner and director of Walla Walla Dance Company, and Renée Archibald, director of dance at Whitman College.

The show will be 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Gesa Power House Theatre.

Tickets are available at


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