Blue Mountain Sports Awards set for May 14th


WALLA WALLA — Area high school and college athletes, coaches and teams will by honored for the 38th time at the annual Blue Mountain Sports Awards in conjunction with the Blue Mountain Youth Recognition Evening at 7 p.m. on May 14 at Baker Boyer Bank in Walla Walla.

The event, co-sponsored by the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin and Baker Boyer Bank, is free to the public.

Awards will be presented in five categories, based on qualifying for state competitions for prep athletes and teams and conference tournaments for collegiate athletes from the spring sports season of 2013 through winter sports of 2014.

A Male Athlete of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year and Team of the Year will be named, as voted on by a panel of school representatives, U-B sports staff and selected community members.

The panel first votes to narrow each of the categories to a handful of finalists, then votes a second time to decide winners in each category.

In addition, one student from each high school in the Union-Bulletin circulation area will be recognized for his or her scholastic achievements, citizenship and leadership.

High schools under consideration are Wa-Hi, Mac-Hi, Weston-McEwen, DeSales, Walla Walla Valley Academy, Touchet, Waitsburg, Prescott, Dayton, Pomeroy and Helix. Colleges include Whitman, Walla Walla University and Walla Walla Community College.

The list of finalists will be published in next Sunday’s Union-Bulletin.

Following is a list of the original nominees:

2014 Blue Mountain Sports Awards

Male Athlete of the Year

Devin Acevedo, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Saif Al Rikabi, WWCC men’s soccer; Dean Atkinson, Wa-Hi boys golf; Dakota Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott boys golf; Alex Barsher, Whitman men’s soccer; Nate Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Brett Butler, WWCC men’s soccer; Ryan Baumgart, DeSales boys golf; Antonio Benito, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Riley Bott, Pomeroy golf; Ruben Butler, Touchet football; Jake Campeau, WWCC baseball; Drew Christina, WWCC baseball.

Mike Ciez, WWCC men’s golf; Aaron Cohen, Whitman baseball; Juan Cortez, Wa-Hi boys cross country; Jared Croswell, Weston-McEwen baseball; Seth Deal, Waitsburg-Prescott track and field; Ben Eisenhardt, Whitman men’s basketball; Stuart Ellsworth, Whitman men’s soccer; Andrew Elmenhurst, DeSales track and field; Adam Eskil, DeSales baseball; Tyson Feider, Pomeroy golf; Ulisses Faurrieta, WWCC men’s soccer; Ivan Figueroa, Waitsburg-Prescott boys soccer.

Clayton Gaines, Weston-McEwen track and field; Darryl Galloway, DeSales football; Luis Garcia, Waitsburg-Prescott boys soccer; Ethan Gardner, Wa-Hi track and field; Stuart Gillin, Wa-Hi track and field; Colton Goble, Touchet football; Jarod Gonzales, WWCC baseball; Mario Guizar, WWCC men’s soccer, midfield; Travis Haen, DeSales baseball; Darnell Handcox, Wa-Hi football; Ivan Hernandez, Touchet football; Jacob Hirsch, Pomeroy track; Spencer Hobson, Whitman baseball.

Conner Holbrook, WWCC baseball; Jesse Houser, WWCC baseball; Wyatt Hyer, Pomeroy wrestling; Jeffrey Jones, Mac-Hi wrestling; Trevor Jones, WWCC baseball; Tyler Jones, Wa-Hi boys swimming; Matt Jubb, DeSales football; Scott Kimball, DeSales boys golf; Clayton King, Pomeroy wrestling; Jerod Konen, DeSales boys golf; Andrew La Cava, Whitman men’s tennis; Cody LaMunyan, Pomeroy football; Owen Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott track and field; Talen Larsen, Waitsburg-Prescott football.

Taylor Lewis, Pomeroy wrestling; Jose Lonai, Mac-Hi track and field; Colton Malesovas, Whitman men’s tennis; Evan Martin, Whitman men’s basketball; Scott Martin, Whitman men’s golf; Elias Martinez, Touchet football; Cole Mayfield, Pomeroy track; Linton McAllister, Weston-McEwen track and field; Colter McKeown, Touchet football; Bryan McGreevy, Pomeroy boys basketball; Jhony Mendoza, WWCC men’s soccer; Karl Mering, Whitman men’s swimming; E.J. Meserve, Waitsburg-Prescott boys cross country.

Robbie Miller, Wa-Hi track and field; Jesse Mirman, Whitman men’s soccer; Matt Mounier, Whitman men’s basketball; Kyle Moyes, Whitman baseball; Ryan Neal, WWCC baseball; Tristan Newman, Waitsburg-Prescott wrestling; Tochi Oti, Whitman men’s basketball; Taylor Prince, Pomeroy track and field; Logan Reardon, Wa-Hi track and field; Cameron Richman, DeSales baseball; Andy Riggs, Whitman men’s tennis; Steven Roston, Whitman men’s tennis; Sam Sadeghi, Whitman men’s tennis.

Cole Sajonia, WWCC men’s golf; Tony Salas, WWCC baseball; Satchel Schetzle, WWCC men’s basketball; Ben Shafer, Waitsburg-Prescott track and field; Isaiah Scheel, DeSales football; Cooper Schumacher, Whitman men’s soccer; Bryce Scott, DeSales boys golf; Peter Sirmon, Wa-Hi track and field; Cole Skramstad, Mac-Hi wrestling; Max Smith, WWCC men’s soccer; Kade Snyder, Pomeroy boys basketball.

Everett Stevenson, Pomeroy wrestling; James Thompkins, Waitsburg-Prescott track and field; Junpei Tsuji, Whitman men’s soccer; Ernesto Valdovinos, Waitsburg-Prescott boys soccer; Geovanny Vasquez, WWCC men’s soccer; Justin Weeks, Whitman baseball; Ben Wolpert, Wa-Hi track and field; Blake Yensen, Mac-Hi wrestling; Cameron Young, Whitman baseball; Ulises Zaragoza, Mac-Hi boys tennis.

Female Athlete of the Year

Emily Adams, Waitsburg-Prescott girls cross country; Sarah Anderegg, Whitman women’s basketball; Jade Anderson, Whitman women’s soccer; Kaitlyn Andrews, Dayton track and field; Natalie Arnold, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Emily Baumgart, DeSales girls golf; Kelsy Bigness, WWCC women’s golf; Pearl Blachly, Pomeroy track and field; Hannah Burns, Wa-Hi track and field; Maggie Callan, Wa-Hi track and field; Kariss Carillo, Mac-Hi softball; Madison Carlin, Weston-McEwen track and field.

McKayla Carlin, Weston-McEwen track and field; Nicolette Carnahan, Whitman women’s soccer; Kristi Childers, Mac-Hi track and field; Taryn Coffman, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Claire Collins, Whitman women’s swimming; Ashley Cornia, Wa-Hi track and field; Karli Cortez, Mac-Hi softball; Courtney Cox, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Dominique Cox, Wa-Hi track and field; Brianna Crewse, Mac-Hi softball; Makayla Christopher, Weston-McEwen track and field.

Lea Davidson, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Emily Davis, Whitman women’s soccer; Jillian Davis, Whitman volleyball; Jenna Dobrin, Whitman women’s tennis; Catherine Feistner, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Maddie Fry, Pomeroy track and field; Brittany Gibbar, Wa-Hi track and field; Mackenzie Hale, Wa-Hi girls swimming; Hannah Hampson, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Tate Head, Whitman women’s golf; Elizabeth Herbes, Weston-McEwen track and field; MacKenzie Hughes, Whitman women’s soccer.

Jessica Huntsman, Wa-Hi girls golf; Heather Johns, Whitman women’s basketball; Aiko Johnson, WWCC women’s soccer; JaLisa Jose, WWCC volleyball; Cheyenne Kessler, Mac-Hi softball; Brandy Knowles, WWCC softball; Torrie Koller, Pomeroy track and field; Estefani Lamas, Mac-Hi girls tennis; Courtney Lawless, Whitman women’s tennis; Morgan Lawless, Whitman women’s tennis; Erika Leinweber, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Kelsey Locke, WWCC softball; Josie Lonai, Mac-Hi girls cross country.

Ashlyn Lyons, DeSales softball; Brigit Lyons, DeSales track and field; Ireland Mayfield, Pomeroy volleyball; Teresa Meyers, Pomeroy girls golf; Lexi Miller, WWCC women’s soccer; Hannah Moeller, Wa-Hi track and field; Mackenzie Monahan, Pomeroy volleyball; Ashton Montgomery, DeSales girls golf; Bailey Nygaard, WWCC women’s basketball; Alicia Ojeda, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Shauntice Perrigo, WWCC women’s soccer; Megan Reed, Mac-Hi softball; Alyssa Roberg, Whitman women’s tennis.

Colette Robert, Mac-Hi softball; Serena Robertson, WWCC women’s soccer; Susie Romero-Diaz, Mac-Hi girls cross country; Delaney Romero, WWCC women’s soccer; Savannah Ruark, Pomeroy volleyball; Kelsey Sage, WWCC women’s golf; Melanie Sederburg, Weston-McEwen track and field; Jessica Siler, WWCC women’s basketball; Brook Simpson, WWCC softball; Maddy Sirmon, Wa-Hi track and field; Hallie Swan, Whitman women’s soccer; Haley Thomas, Pomeroy volleyball.

Katarina Tonhdavong, Wa-Hi track and field; McKenzie Uto, Pomeroy volleyball; Molly vonBorstel, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Jenny Wall, Wa-Hi girls cross country; Catelyn Webber, Whitman women’s golf; Betsy West, Weston-McEwen track and field; Elaine Whaley, Whitman women’s golf; Meghan White, Whitman women’s basketball; Emma Woodland, Pomeroy volleyball; Allison Wujek, DeSales track and field; Chantelle Zamora, WWCC volleyball.

Blue Mountain Scholar-Athletes

Madelyne Aichele, Wa-Hi; Clayton Ayers, WWCC; Claire Conley, DeSales; Chase Copenhaver, Mac-Hi; Matt Cosaert, Walla Walla Valley Academy; Lea Davidson, Wa-Hi; Amy DeLong, WWCC; Andres Diocares, Walla Walla University; Adam Eskil, DeSales; Catherine Feistner, Wa-Hi; Mackenzie Fite, Mac-Hi; Nick Fuller, Wa-Hi; Hannah Hampson, Wa-Hi; Heather Johns, Whitman; Eric Klicker, Wa-Hi; Cody LaMunyan, Pomeroy; Jacob Leinweber, Wa-Hi; Aaron LeFore, Mac-Hi.

Elias Martinez, Touchet; Karl Mering, Whitman; Heidi Miller, Waitsburg-Prescott; Kiana Molitor, Wa-Hi; Mackenzie Monahan, Pomeroy; Nick Pearson, Waitsburg-Prescott; Lauren Pernu, Walla Walla University; Sarah Phillips, Dayton; Doug Rowley, Wa-Hi; Harlie Schaeffer, Touchet; Jessica Siler, WWCC; Luke Spady, Walla Walla University; Jennifer Wall, Wa-Hi; Paige Vincent, WWCC; Molly vonBorstel, Weston-McEwen; Kolten Youncs, Weston-McEwen.

Coach of the Year

Jeff Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott football, boys and girls track; Jennifer Blomme, Whitman College men’s and women’s swimming; Chad Bodnar, WWWCC men’s and women’s soccer; Beau Chester, Mac-Hi wrestling; Nicole Christian, Mac-Hi softball; Kim Cox, DeSales baseball; Bruce Crossfield, Pomeroy volleyball; Katherine Curles, Wa-Hi boys and girls swimming; Amber Doremus, Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Gary Dorman, Touchet softball, Touchet football; Tim Duncan, DeSales girls basketball.

Michelle Ferenz, Whitman College women’s basketball; Jose Garcia, Mac-Hi boys soccer; Jim Greene, Pomeroy golf; Desirae Jones, Dayton softball; Mark Grimm, Waitsburg-Prescott soccer; Kenzie Hansell, Weston-McEwen football; Bobbi Hazeltine, WWCC women’s basketball; John Hein, Whitman College women’s tennis; Eric Hisaw, Wa-Hi boys and girls track and field; Kate Keyes, Wa-Hi softball; Brian Koller, Pomeroy boys basketball; Joanna Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country.

Stacie Lieuellan, Mac-Hi track and field; Mike Locati, Wa-Hi boys and girls cross country; Martin Martinez, Mac-Hi girls soccer; Peter McClure, Whitman College men’s golf; Dave Meliah, WWCC baseball; Loren Monaco, Weston-McEwen track and field; Jeff Northam, Whitman College men’s tennis; Lon Olson, DeSales boys golf; Marcus Pederson, Pomeroy track and field; Angie Potts, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Mike Rostollan, WWCC men’s and women’s soccer.

Jim Smith, Wa-Hi boys golf; Michael Scheel, DeSales boys and girls track and field; Brian Slaybaugh, Pomeroy wrestling; Mike Spiess, DeSales football; Tim Toon, WWCC volleyball; Russ Vera, DeSales softball; Shawn White, Weston-McEwen volleyball.

Team of the Year

Dayton softball; DeSales baseball; DeSales boys golf; DeSales football; DeSales girls basketball; DeSales softball; Mac-Hi boys soccer; Mac-Hi girls soccer; Mac-Hi softball; Pomeroy boys basketball; Pomeroy volleyball; Touchet football; Touchet softball; Wa-Hi boys track; Wa-Hi girls cross country; Wa-Hi softball; Waitsburg-Prescott football; Waitsburg-Prescott softball.

Waitsburg-Prescott soccer; WWCC baseball; WWCC men’s golf; WWCC men’s soccer; WWCC women’s basketball; WWCC women’s golf; WWCC women’s soccer; WWCC volleyball; Weston-McEwen football; Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Weston-McEwen volleyball; Whitman College men’s tennis; Whitman College women’s basketball; Whitman College women’s tennis.


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