Letter - No new bond before old bond is paid off


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

The voice of reason won over the myriad “Vote yes for Wa-Hi” signs.

In my opinion the Walla Walla School Board did an overkill. You know people looked at the complete picture, and their pocketbooks.

Washington voters did the math — pay your current bills before you make new ones.

I appreciate all who wrote in to the “letters to the editor” and voiced the concern about the cost.

When the Edison bond is paid in full, then and only then will it be the right time to approach it again. The economy is tight and property owners don’t want more taxes.

Also, College Place High School will be completed by then and then it will be time to look at this issue again.

My opinion is a new building does not help the students learn more, it just means they are going to have to apply themselves just as they will have to do in the real world.

The teachers are not at fault. It takes a village to raise a child — teachers, parents and even the student.

Way to go, voters. They used reason rather than emotion to tell the school board how we feel.

Rosey Swanson

Walla Walla


chicoli 1 year, 1 month ago

Rosey, we must congratulate the winners on this and accept the people's will through a fair democratic process.

Although I was in favor of it, I must admit you have excellent points, the most salient in my view is the one mentioning that it takes a village to raise a child, including all of its institutions.

Thanks for this reminder, Rosey!


fatherof5 1 year, 1 month ago

To be technical, paco1234, "the people's will" on both Wa-Hi bonds has been to pass them, as both received majority support. I'm not disputing the end result, but language does matter in how we understand the "will" of the community. The super majority laws are what they are, though, so the results are what they are. The district will likely need to wait until 2018 to do anything of substance to address the various facilities needs.

Here are three other thoughts before I attempt to not think about this anymore:

First, when I think of this bond's failure, my first thought is of my 8th grade daughter, who loves science and who will not see a modern science lab now until she gets to college. This letter begins: "Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!" So, yes, taxpayers save $60 +/- per year on their taxes, hurrah, but there are a couple thousand kids, including my daughter, who will miss out on what could have been a meaningful educational opportunity for them over the next several years.


Second, this letter, like many before it, says there should only be one bond at a time. That sounds nice, but as I've written in the past, there are 10 schools in the district. If bonds average 10-15 years in length, we will remodel or rebuild each school once every 100-150 years. Surely, no one can believe that is feasible. We will either need to include multiple schools in one bond, as CP just did with all three schools, or we will need to be paying on more than one bond at a time. I will push for a Wa-Hi/Lincoln bond in 2018. It isn't fair to the Lincoln kids, either, that they have to wait so long for help.

Finally, my encouragement to the people who voted "no" is that you will become involved over the next few years in the development of the next plan. The kids in this community really need it to pass.


barracuda 1 year, 1 month ago

Remember.......... A person who does not send in his/her vote IS indeed voting! There might have been some people w feel that since this election was a single item election, staying home is indeed a "no" vote!

There should never be a single item election. If I recall correctly, wasn't the last bond vote a single item too?


Bigdog 1 year, 1 month ago

Dang.....Let it rest. There are reasons 11 out of 12 school bonds in Washington State failed.


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