Letter - Congress must take action to stop disaster


While this country faces many problems, there is one potential risk that will make all the rest pale by comparison.

It would appear that more and more Americans are becoming aware and concerned about the disastrous effects of an electro magnetic pulse — EMP — attack on our electrical grid. This can occur either as a result of a terrorist attack or naturally due to solar flares.

Experts are telling us that for around $2 billion America could be protected from this unthinkable catastrophe. Consider that it takes a bit more than $999 billion to reach a trillion dollars, and with a budget of around $3.5 trillion to $4 trillion annually, common sense would dictate this minuscule portion of the budget would more than justify the cost/benefit ratio for the protection of the American people.

It is therefore imperative we all contact our congressional representatives and ask whether there is any serious discussion in Congress regarding introduction of a bill to address this looming disaster. We live in a country that has become totally dependent on high-tech industry, which an EMP attack would completely wipe out.

Consider the chaos that would occur to a society totally dependent on electricity to run our many home appliances, operate communication systems, the solid state systems in late model cars, municipal water purification and sewage treatment systems and the list goes on.

If you are not aware of EMP you can visit the following Hillsdale College website for more information imprimis.hillsdale.edu/current.

Daryl Schreiner

Walla Walla


dogman12 1 year, 5 months ago

The electric utility industry is well aware of this. The National Electric Reliability Council has formed numerous technical and policy committees to address all the aspects of grid reliability. Technical studies of vulnerabilities have been done, and many fixes and upgrades have already been applied or are in the works. Beyond the power grid, cell phones and internet infrastructure have become essential, and there are vulnerabilities there. I have not done the same research into industry response, but I plan to. Until I do, I assume that I might be without both for some extended period.

Before I looked into what grid managers are doing, I was concerned, too. I am somewhat reassured now. I am still working toward being able to run my water pump and fridges and freezers for up to 30 days if I have to.


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