Letter - Blame for bond failure is poor economy


So, another school bond issue was defeated at 52 percent approval.

The primary reason for the defeat of this bond (and the reason why the other 10 school bonds failed around the state) is not so much because we, in principle, do not support our schools. The reason is not so much because we do not, theoretically, support our children. The reason is not so much that we entirely disagree with our educators about the state of our educational facilities.

I believe most of us do actually understand the disrepair our public educational facilities are in. True, these reasons are all of importance but they are also not extremely relevant as to why the bond failed to get the needed 60 percent approval.

Most of us do not disagree there is need to fund our educational facilities but many of us have different priorities.

The pre-eminent reason why the bond failed is the current poor U.S. economy.

Our public would be more likely to vote in favor of funding school improvements (and most other improvements around town) if the economy was in good shape but alas I think most of us feel the economy is not doing so well and so we will not be so likely to vote in favor of increased taxes as a result of our nation’s poor economy.

I believe the public has other priorities and many of us who have money and land are currently trying to save as much money as possible and many of us without so much money are trying to pay off the various debts we have personally incurred.

If the reason for the school bond failure was the current local and national economy, what then is the essential reason for the poor economy? I think the answer to that is our own poor education.

We are, each of us, mired in a vicious cycle. Our nation and most of us as individuals, are reaping the rewards that a poor education has afforded us.

For example, what does the phrase “velocity of money” suggest to you? If you immediately think of money flying through the air at a high rate of speed, then you are wrong. The sad thing is, I seriously doubt that very many people reading this will even ever get around to trying to find out what the phrase “velocity of money” actually means.

Our own tragedy.

Brennan Grass

Walla Walla


fatherof5 1 year, 7 months ago

Mr. Grass makes some good points here in his analysis of why a bond failed that even the U-B said should have been a "slam dunk."

I happened to see Robert Reich at Whitman tonight and had recently watched his documentary, "Inequality for All." In it, he describes both positive and negative cycles and would, I think, agree with the premise of this letter.

In a negative cycle, people are so concerned with their economic situations that they cut back on spending, which includes financial support for schools. As this happens, students with increasingly lower skills don't qualify for high wages, the economy suffers further, and education and other investments are further underfunded. And so on. In good times, our nation invests more in education and the data shows the dividends of that prioritization.

Just one more of many reasons to root for a better economy in 2018.


barracuda 1 year, 7 months ago

You are correct Fof5 Lets hope for a better... Much better economy in 2018. There are several ways to get there.... But, that is another argument for another day/letter.


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