Letter - Robert Reich predicted erosion of middle class


My wife and I are among many feeling disappointment at the failure to pass last week’s Walla Walla High School levy.

The obvious need to update science facilities there seems to have lost out to the rejection of higher property taxes. If the average worker was doing better that probably wouldn’t be such an obstacle.

We might not be in this dilemma if President Clinton had heeded then-Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s advice to do more to help prevent the erosion of the middle class, whom Reich already saw on the decline then, more than 30 years ago.

We are privileged to have Reich here this week to help make us aware of the fallacy of wealth for a few being good for the many. If you did not have the opportunity, as we did, to view his new film “Inequality for All” at Whitman College, it can be found online. Reich is speaking at 7 tonight at Cordiner Hall.

Perhaps, if Hillary Clinton is our next president, she will follow her husband’s lead and bring back this gifted and humble man with great wisdom and insight.

Reich still sees the return of the middle class in the future of this once great country, if we heed the history lessons of our last 100 years or so as something we can learn from.

Government took strong action in the late 1800s and early 1900s to bring those with “too much” back closer to those with “not enough.” The Affordable Health Care Act is a more recent step in that direction and tax incentives to reduce CEO remuneration, such as those being proposed in California, is another.

For the time being, the outcome of most bond initiatives looks bleak, as schools and government services try to make do with less, and most of us are forced to do the same.

Such are the times in which we live!

Brian Mantle

Walla Walla


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