Column: Launching quad copters easier than landing them


I have had some experience with remote-control cars. They are a lot easier to drive than the quad copters because remote-control cars cannot go up in the air and come down fast and break when they crash.

The best thing about quad copters is flying them. The hardest thing is trying to land them.

Every time I would come down too fast, my quad copter would break. There were only three out of 30 times that I landed it without crashing it.

Trying to fly it was hard. Every time it took off, I was afraid of crashing my quad copter into the ground. Keeping from crashing it into other people was hard for me. I was scared of running into them and hurting them.

One time while flying the quad copter, I flew it up way too high and then lost control of it. I was able to maneuver it into the grass, which helped it not to break as much.

The most important directions I remember are after you crash, you have to unplug the battery to fix it.

The propellers broke the most. Every time I had a hard crash, they would snap in half.

I know it was not the goal to destroy the quad copters, but it was really cool when they would blow up into many different pieces when they hit the ground.

In the future, I do not plan on working with electronics, I would like to be a pro skateboarder.

David Ramirez is an incoming sixth-grader at Garrison Middle School. He attended the 21st Century Quad Copter Program during the summer of 2014.


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