Letter - Can Tom Cooper be sheriff with ‘bad knee?’


Regarding Sheriff John Turner’s opponent:

I am amazed by the lack of honesty and ethics of certain good ol’ boys who want to run for a job they can’t handle.

Tom Cooper has been on workers’ compensation for the better part of two years — for the most part, he has not worked or earned the right to draw payment from the taxpayers.

When offered light duty by Sheriff Turner, he refused. Cooper’s only reasoning is he says his doctor won’t let him. Does his doctor know Cooper has gone hunting in the Blue Mountains and in Idaho this past winter or two? Did his doctor say it was OK for him to go, even though he cannot or will not work on that “bad knee?”

Come on, if he cannot pull light duty on that knee, surely he wouldn’t be able to go hunting in the mountains on that knee? That knee doesn’t stop him from visiting the bars.

If anyone doubts he has done those things, there are witnesses — from his hunting trips and his bar habits, and they are willing to come forward. Citizens (voters) should ask Cooper why he thinks he could serve as a sheriff on that “bad knee?”

Will his doctor all of a sudden say it’s OK now to work on that “bad knee” if he is elected. Wow, that would be nearly a miracle to heal up that fast.

No. I say taxpayers should ask questions of this guy. In my opinion, he’s not being “straight up” with us.

We have Sheriff John Turner who has been straight up and my vote (along with my wife’s) is for Sheriff Turner.

He has kept his campaign promises and much more. He’s been transparent, always open to talk with anyone, he gained two K-9 dogs at no cost to taxpayers.

His leadership, along with other local law enforcement officialshas, cut crime by about 19 percent in Walla Walla County.

There have been many arrests and prosecutions of gang members and other felony criminals and we all are much more comfortable (and safer) because of John Turner’s leadership and dedication to all citizens. Let’s not return to the “do-little or nothing at all” history of the good ol’ boys in charge. Those days need to be put to rest, once and for all.

Re-elect John Turner.

Robert Phillips

College Place


janrocks 1 year, 1 month ago

When working patrol, an officer needs to be able to respond fully. Such as running to assist someone at a domestic. So even a minor injury can keep a patrol deputy sidelined for our protection. If you have to miss a shot at a deer hunting, no biggie.

The sheriff position is administrative, so there is not a need for the same physical capabilities.

The bar comment is a cheap shot. I don't see any comments on other candidates hanging out at the fancy wineries.

P.S. I support neither candidate. Neither a good choice in my opinion. The whole idea of holding a popularity contest for an important job such as this amazes me. The letter you wrote amazed me also....the public has no way to know the qualifications needed, nor can get accurate information on the situation.


dogman12 1 year, 1 month ago

If guys can play football with a brace after serious knee injuries, guys can "run to a domestic" with a brace. I've got a damaged knee and when I have strenuous chores to do on uneven ground, I wear the brace.

If Cooper wanted to be working, he would be. Please. He wants the time to campaign.


cropcircles 1 year, 1 month ago

I hope this race isnt about cheap shots because they can certainly be thrown at Turner too with his bankrupt Ash Hollow and bum shoulder


PGAgolfer 1 year, 1 month ago

@janrocks I am sure glad that my wife and I can at least neutralize your vote. It is obvious that you really don't realize what the Sheriff's position is all about. I am sure that you are just one of the very liberal import people that just moved into Walla Walla with the other circus that came from California.


janrocks 1 year, 1 month ago

As I stated, I support neither candidate, so you will not be neutralize my vote - you will be voting free and clear. I have been a WW resident for over 50 years. You just helped me make my point about mudslinging with no facts, by calling me a liberal import :) thanks!


clarkfamily89 1 year, 1 month ago

Really, can't Sheriff Turner stand out as an outstanding candidate for WW County Seriff without having to talk about Cooper's knee injury or his "bar" habits. That is what I would refer to as mudslinging and I agree that this is a position of high esteem in Walla Walla County and this letter is more determental to Sheriff Turner than helpful.


Grandma76032 1 year, 1 month ago

I'm assuming that in big counties like King the sheriff sits behind a desk all day. But Walla Walla isn't a big county. I closely read the campaign postcard that came in my mail. A deputy supporting Sheriff Turner, Deputy Robin Frisvold, talked about how many times Turner had assisted him on emergency calls. So it would seem to me Cooper's ailments are campaign issues. Either the man isn't physically capable of doing the job, or he's been lying to avoid work. Neither speaks well of him.


tinstar 1 year, 1 month ago

Robin Frisvold needs all the help He can get. But with Turner it's like leading the blind. As to Mr. Cooper He is very capable of doing the job. As to the mudslinging the Turner group continues. Thanks to the Romine's.


dloudermilk 1 year, 1 month ago

This site needs to have a coming out party so we can see who all these fictitious mud slingers are, Mr Tinstar for one. I personally am tired of nameless people throwing stones.


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