Letter - Carbon tax doesn’t add up


Bart Preecs says his Citizens Climate Lobby has a solution to the global warming crisis (U-B Perspective Aug. 10).

Energy companies will pay a carbon tax to enforcers and raise energy prices to cover the expense. Consumers will pay the higher prices to energy companies and whine about the increased cost of living. Enforcers will shell out the carbon tax money to the whining consumers.

According to the CCL, this would create 2 million new jobs. Doing what? Enforcing? I guess, although I don’t see how that would affect global warming.

Sounds suspiciously like glaziers paying hooligans to throw rocks through windows to increase the demand for glass.

Jim Thorn



GeneandCassie 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Sounds like a new 'shell game' is ramping up....

I'm sure P.T. Barnum is grinning ear to ear about this one....

More found here about the program:



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