Vicious Internet attacks in wake of Williams’ death disgusting


“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

— John Wooden

The suicide of comedian Robin Williams stunned and saddened the nation. His death hit many Americans hard because Williams is a person many have grown up with on television — “Mork & Mindy” — and in movies. Most folks have laughed with him along the way.

Williams was one of the funniest people in the world and an incredibly talented actor, winning an Academy Award for “Good Will Hunting.”

Ultimately, Williams’ talents and big personality made people feel as if they knew him.

And for that reason there’s been an outpouring of support for Williams’ family as we acknowledge the sadness of his death.

His daughter, 25-year-old Zelda, has received many heartfelt condolences.

Sadly — very sadly — she and her father’s memory have been viciously attacked in social media by anonymous trolls.

For example, trolls (the cyber word for inflammatory jerk) posted horrible digitally altered images of her father on Zelda’s Twitter account, according to Us Weekly. Cruel comments were also sent her way.

Zelda closed her social media accounts to avoid the bombardment of disgusting and hateful taunts.

What is the matter with some people? How can people be so void of basic humanity that they would purposely seek to hurt a woman grieving over the death of her father?

It makes no difference that he was a well-known celebrity. He was a person and her father.

Unfortunately, these types of vicious attacks on social media have become all too common, hence the term “troll” was created. The trolls, hiding behind the giant cyber wall that conceals their identity, feel free to spew their venoms.

It should go without saying that this type of behavior is not acceptable even with a cyber-cloak of anonymity. But since it is happening, the fact such behavior is disgusting has to be pointed out.

To a lesser degree, it occurs regarding less sensitive subjects. For example, some of the anonymous comments posted on under articles, columns and letters to the editor have a nasty, trollish tone. Things are written that probably would not be said when people are talking face to face.

The unnecessary pain that’s already been caused to the Williams family can’t be undone. Zelda, her siblings, and Williams’ wife were wounded by vicious words.

The trolls, whether 8 or 80, need to grow up and act like civilized people.

Nobody should offer comments on the Internet that he or she wouldn’t tell someone to his or her face.


Kevconpat 1 year, 3 months ago

Trolls don't grow up! They are not civilized; half empty deep dark hidden scum hiding under the bridge of anonymity jumping out only to hit and injure people pouring out their most venerable emotions. As a brother to a much loved twin -so far away in her mind due to deep depression(mental illness and alcoholism) I feel for the Williams Family. I will always love my twin. Remember most human beings have great love and understanding at the very least... the trolls, keep trying to injure. They're pathetic. Keep the faith, good people. My spouse and I send out love to the Williams Family and to others injured along the way. Love conquers all evil.


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