Letter - August heat, and where is the public pool?


This recent miserable hot weather has once again highlighted the lack of a community outdoor pool in Walla Walla.

Do you support an outdoor pool in Walla Walla? Now is your chance to get your voice heard!

The city of Walla Walla is conducting an informal survey on options for reopening Memorial Pool.

The survey takes only a few minutes, you get to vote on a couple of different options and it will help the City Council know how much support there is to reopen Memorial Pool. The survey is on the city of Walla Walla website and is open until Monday.

It is time for Walla Walla to reopen its outdoor pool. Get your voice heard and get your opinion on the city website … let the City Council know citizens of Walla Walla want a pool!

Tracii Hickman

Walla Walla


GeneandCassie 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Actually, the Aviary in Pioneer Park , nestled among its tall trees, is a 'cool' retreat too..... pond and stream nearby.....

I shudder at building and maintaining a new pool if the money to maintain an existing Aviary isn't presently there......


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