Letter - It is Hamas, not Israel, that is the terrorist


The assertion that Israelis are terrorists is not true. That is Orthodox Muslim jihadist propaganda that is promulgated by the New Left in this country.

According to David Horowitz in his book, “Unholy Alliance,” the New Left wants the Islamic jihadists to win in order to help them turn this country into a socialist state. The New Left is like a monkey toying with a boa constrictor.

Hamas intentionally targets Israeli civilians. Israel does not intentionally target Palestinian Arab civilians.

The Israeli military can pinpoint exact locations from where rockets are fired. Hamas knows this and fires rockets from schools, hospitals and homes. Once it fires the rockets it quickly moves the rocket launchers to avoid the return fire of the Israelis.

Video has shown Hamas dragging children to where the return fire will hit to cause more Arab casualties for propaganda purposes.

It is tragic to have so many innocent Palestinian Arabs killed and wounded. But how innocent are they if they elect Hamas leaders to run the country?

Much of the millions of dollars we send to the Palestinian Authority is taken by Hamas to buy weapons to use against Israel. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive.

Jews have time and time again been willing to have peace with the Arabs. Some Arabs want peace but allow Hamas to be in control.

Hamas has in its charter the goal of the complete annihilation of the Jews. Does not Israel have the right to defend itself?

Victor R. Phillips

Walla Walla


stvsngltn 11 months, 1 week ago

Good letter. The terrible losses of life in Gaza are a DIRECT result of thousands of Hamas-fired rockets hitting Israeli neighborhoods. We can debate various valid issues regarding the Israeli vs Palestinian problem, but the Israeli attacks would not have happened had they not been provoked by the Hamas terrorist organization.


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