Letter - Oregon treats wolves the right way


I appreciate the article in the Union-Bulletin, “Rules made permanent for wolves ‘caught in the act.’”

It was pleasing to read that again Oregon’s government is acting responsibly regarding America’s wolves.

While I still feel that all wolves everywhere need full protection, Oregon has taken the concerns of ranchers and wildlife enthusiast and arrived at a satisfying plan.

Oregon has maintained a true wolf management plan, where wolves are treated with respect and compassion they so rightfully deserve.

Wolves cannot be baited, and any kill, I believe either wolf or livestock, must be reported within 24 hours, and the scene and carcass left intact.

Oregon has proved that man can adjust to wolves. The slaughtering of wolves conducted in other states is purely permitted to appease special interests that prefer spilling blood, inflicting pain and suffering. The true intent is extermination of that which they fear, wolves!

In some regions, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife must determine if depredation by wolf has occurred, before a wolf is killed. Prior to an attack the use of nonlethal deterrents must be in place, along with the removal of carcasses. There must be four confirmed incidents within six months.

The mandatory use of deterrents by ranchers and the required removal of carcasses is common sense, and should be mandatory nationwide. Still the bloodstained states that encourage the massacring of wolves choose not to have such regulations, proving again that these states are conducting a wolf-extermination plan, not a wolf-management plan.

I disagree with the killing of any wolf, even those caught “chasing” livestock. A simple gunshot in the air would discourage an attack. The killing of a wolf should be the last resort.

Still, Oregon has again set the standards for wolf preservation — other states should replicate this action.

Wolves maintain a balance in the environment, and are essential to all wildlife, and man, as with a healthier environment, all reap the benefits. The decision by Oregon’s government to continue protecting and nurturing wolves should be applauded!

Because of Oregon’s favorable wolf-management protection plan, I encourage tourists to visit and support Oregon’s businesses. Americans should support states where wolves are protected and treated with respect instead of labeled as vermin or game for man’s pleasurable inflictions of pain, suffering to collect trophies.

Oregon is truly wildlife inspiring!

Irene Sette

New Milford, N.J.


thrifty 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Maybe Irene should devote her attentions to how her state is being run and let residents of Western states decide how their states will be run.


GeneandCassie 6 months, 2 weeks ago

And Tuesday's (Feb 4th) UB mentions an Imnaha Pack member 'treating' on some tender Lamb-kins for dinner....


blommer 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Poor Irene has no grasp of the wolf problem. Wolves have decimated the elk herds in Idaho and will do the same in Oregon and Washington if left to the management practices employed in these 2 states. Idaho is now hiring trappers to control the explosion of the wolf population that has destroyed wildlife of Idaho.


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