Letter - Pot is legal; government needs to get with it


I don’t use the stuff. Never have, never will.

I know many people who have medical prescriptions to use of wacky tobacy for relief of pain.

I think Walla Walla County needs to get with the program. The people of the state have spoken. Get the places open. The cities and counties need to get the areas identified so the people wanting to open stores, process or grow can do so.

If the cities, counties and state won’t open the market, the dealers will continue to sell on the sly. How much money is the county losing every day? What is it going to take for the county and city fathers to listen to the people?

Is it going to require a lawsuit?

I suspect that is being discussed right now by many people and lawyers. Why would the county not fulfill the law passed by the people? Why haven’t the governments of Washington state not complied with the wishes of the people?

Are officials still mad about losing control of the liquor? Colorado got its act together. Why can’t Washington? Just wondering!

Warren E. Ewing



Bigdog 1 year, 9 months ago

Marijuana is still illegal under federal laws. This creates a situation where it is prudent for local venues to approach with caution. There are other counties in the state responding in like manner. They do not want to fall prey to federal enforcement, or legal action. Many folks still feel the need to abide by ALL laws. If Feds were enforcing their laws, this item would have never been on the ballot. It is not nearly as cut-and-dried (literally), as you seem to believe it is. Regarding drug dealers…. If Washington models the same approach as Colorado, the illegal vendors will increase business and profits. The supply and demand created an increased selling price due to greed for more taxes. Why would a regular user not just continue buying from his normal sources for a lower price? Growing your own will also seem much more appealing, since possession penalties have been minimized. Bury your stash in your backyard and only carry small amounts, right? I am amused at the administration in Olympia presenting and passing a bill that had never been thought out as to how it was to be administered. I believe this to be more of the source of your frustration as anything. Pass the bill and then read it, right?


VampireNinja 1 year, 6 months ago

We can profit from it if we support it, we are in the door earlier than most and we should capitalize on it. It is looking like legality will not be a problem ~5 years from now. We've had Hot Poop for decades, we know what's up.


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