Seahawks celebrations begin


The Seattle Seahawks are home. The Super Bowl champs’ plane arrived Monday evening


Fans greet Seattle Seahawks players and coaches during the team’s arrival at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Monday evening.

at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, greeted by a group of at least 60 waiting family


Julie Keim, of Mulkiteo, Wash., smiles as she unfolds a Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl championship shirt to check on sizing at the team store on Monday.

members, friends and airport employees.

First to disembark was head coach Pete Carroll. Before getting on one of the buses that took the team to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wash., he said hello and shook hands with those in the crowd.

The team was largely subdued, with players acknowledging the group with waves and “No. 1.”

Richard Sherman got one of the loudest receptions as he hobbled down the steps and made his way toward the bus on crutches.

Later, despite the urging of Renton police that fans stay away, dozens were gathered near the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard North and Seahawks Way to greet the team. Fans in Seahawks gear chanted and cheered as the buses approached the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, then cheered some more as players left in cars.

Diana Fishel brought three nieces to the Renton fan gathering. After the Super Bowl, they drove from Washougal, Wash., to Renton and stayed overnight in a hotel to see the Hawks come home.


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