Writers offer ebook on how to save money on wine


Wine writers Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman have released an ebook, "9 Ways to Save Money on Wine," which is available to download via the link in this story. To sign up for their newsletter, click here.

Here's the introduction to the ebook:

We all want to save a little money, and we want to enjoy a glass of good wine with our midweek meal without having to go into debt. When we have friends over for a weekend dinner party, we want to show them a great time with delicious wines.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on wine without sacrificing quality or experience.

Wine is an agricultural product, a beverage meant to enhance food as much as to bring pleasure. Wine ranges from the incredibly cheap to the outrageously expensive. Somewhere in between is a happy medium, a range that most wine drinkers can afford and enjoy.

Through the next few pages, we will offer tips to shave a few dollars off your wine bill on your next trip to a grocery store or wine shop, plus ways to maximize the advantages of living near a winery.

We hope you enjoy this brief guide and are able to use it to find some bargains.

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— Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman Great Northwest Wine


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