Letter - Citizens should review city bills


Today I receive my water bill from the city of Walla Walla. I have always checked my bills and if I have a question, I call to verify to see if it is correct.

Last month, $137.92 was charged for household water consumption. This month household consumption was lower and the charge was $142.89. I thought this was odd so I called the water department and asked the reason.

The response I received was that there had been a rate increase. However, she said, “the smallest bill I would ever get would be $138.15 even if the household’s consumption was zero.”

I could not believe what I heard, but she did repeat it. We are really getting taken by the city.

It raises taxes, charges more fees and the county’s property tax rates are extremely high. I would suggest citizens of Walla Walla carefully review their bills and question them.

Bernice Brewer

Walla Walla


revlis20 2 months, 1 week ago

After attending the city council meeting where the property tax was discussed, I realized that we are at the mercy of those that do as they will. The tax passed, 4.8% instead of 1.5%, and it was supposed to be dedicated to street repair. Where id it go? salary increases! I am waiting to see where the increase in our utility bill, which buy the way was not made public, goes.


namvet60 2 months, 1 week ago

Each and every utility bill that you receive has sales tax added. If you use a streaming device, each subscription, will have sales tax added on.

With the amount of money taken in - it is amazing the monetary shape this city and county is in.


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