Letter - Anti-gun lobby wants to disarm America’s citizens


From the beginning, the ultimate goal of the powerful, billionaire-financed (Soros/Bloomberg) media/Democratic Party-backed, Marxist-left anti-gun lobby has been to totally disarm America’s citizens and to erase the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

Gun abolitionists lie when they tell you they only want “common sense” and “reasonable” gun-control laws.

Gun-ban zealots may be clueless about liberty, but they’re not stupid. They’re well aware that the American people will not tolerate an Australia-style outright ban on privately owned firearms. To circumvent that reality, the enemies of freedom have embraced “incremental” gun control to finally implement a total ban.

The latest gun-ban lobby “increment” is “universal background checks.” Universal background checks is a euphemism for gun registration and gun registration is always a prelude to gun confiscation.

Historically, despots have always used gun registration to locate and seize privately owned firearms.

It’s no secret that Washington state is operated by liberals on the westside, notably King County. These worthies have long embraced such “noble” causes as abortion, sodomy, gay marriage, legalized dope and, yes, gun control.

Remember when the westsiders introduced Initiative 676, the handgun ban disguised as a “child safety measure?” Now, these same “useful idiots” are pushing a “universal background check” initiative, a measure that will accomplish just one thing: tell the government where firearms, owned by the law-abiding, are located.

I’m sorry that former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was severely injured by a lone madman. I’m also sorry that Sara Brady’s husband was injured during a tragic shooting.

Unfortunately, these two women have now become dupes and mouthpieces for the anti-gun lobby and they seem to be on personal vendettas to disarm millions of Americans who use guns safely and responsibly.

George Mason, who wrote Virginia’s Constitution and Bill of Rights upon which Thomas Jefferson later modeled the Declaration of Independence also wrote, “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

Curtis E. Stone



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