Gesa Power House to present ‘Secret Life of Walter Manny’


WALLA WALLA — Gesa Power House Theatre, 111 N. Sixth Ave., will present Trent Arterberry in “The Secret Life of Walter Manny” at 1 p.m. March 1.

This is the kick off the first in the series of the Little Watts Children’s Series in the works at Powerhouse.

Unique in form, the play blends five speaking characters with several mimed adventures.

It tells a story of turning rejection into affection to which both children and adults will relate.

Ostracized at school, 8-year-old Walter escapes into high-octane reveries of race-car driving, firefighting and secret-agent spying.

When a fire threatens the classroom, Walter must use his imaginative skills to save his best friend’s life.

The play was performed at the 2012 Victoria (Canada) Fringe Festival. Tickets, $9 adult and $6 child, are on sale now at


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