Letter - Closing Aviary was stupid, shortsighted decision


I read where the Walla Walla City Council has done it again, and voted 5-2 to close the Pioneer Park Aviary.

I do applaud Council members Chris Plucker and Jim Barrow, who listened to the people and voted to keep the facility open.

But, to the rest — where were their heads?

What a stupid, shortsighted decision! They ignored the feelings of so many people. They ignored the hard work of the Friends of the Aviary. They voted to close a place that has given so many folks pleasure over the years, and continues to do so.

They voted to spend $100,000 to close the Aviary. If they have that much money, why not spend it to keep the Aviary open? Dumb, dumb, dumb!

And, the $190,000 earmarked for Aviary restoration — what does the City Council plan to do with that? Hmmm.

Such great memories so many people (not just Walla Walla city residents) have of Pioneer Park and the Aviary We used to take our children to the park to picnic, and feed the critters. (Remember when there were deer there?)

Fast forward to when grandchildren came to visit from Spokane — the one place we would visit was Pioneer Park, to play on the playground equipment, feed the ducks and geese. (It wasn’t frowned upon then.) Then we’d visit the Aviary.

I’ve been looking forward to visits from great-grandchildren, when and if they come along.

Those who voted to close our precious resource are certainly out of touch with their constituents. At this point, I wouldn’t blame the Friends of the Aviary if it filed some legal action against the city.

C. L. Seachris



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