Letter - The tale of two men


Dean Kenyon, Ph.D, was at one time one of the leading evolutionary biologists in the world. He is now professor emeritus of biology at San Francisco State University. He was the co-author of “Biochemical Predestination,” which was published in 1969, promoted the evolutionary theory, and became a best selling textbook.

In 1976 a student gave him a book dealing with arguments against the book biochemical predestination. He was hard pressed to answer and stated he had reached an intellectual breaking point over multiple difficulties with evolution.

He came to realize it was simply not possible for evolution to explain the complexities of the human cell. Darwin had utterly no concept of how complex the cell was nor did anyone else then.

Kenyon has had the benefit of the tremendous advances that have been made such as the electron microscope and the understanding of DNA and the genome. He realizes all of this complexity could only have come about by intelligent design — a creator. He now promotes that concept.

The second man, J.C. Sanford, Ph.D, was a professor at Cornell University for more than 25 years. While there he had over 70 scientific publications and was granted 25 patents. His most significant invention was the “gene gun.” Most of the genetically altered crops grown in the world today were done using the gene gun technology.

The evolutionary theory was taught on almost all college campuses. Dr. Sanford accepted it primarily due to trust in the authorities rather than genuine personal understanding. He was a professional geneticist. As the years passed he realized how unrealistic and vulnerable to critical analysis were the crucial assumptions of the theory.

He wrote a book “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome.” According to him modern Darwinism is based on what he dubbed “The Primary Axiom.” That axiom teaches man is merely the product of random mutations and natural selection and that those mutations are largely beneficial.

He states, “The Primary Axiom is actually an extremely vulnerable theory-in fact it is essentially indefensible.”

He, as an experienced geneticist, knows that “the overwhelming deleterious nature of mutations can be seen by the incredible scarcity of clear cases of information-creating mutations.”

In other words there are not enough beneficial mutations to support the evolutionary theory!

Sanford believes the biblical account of creation is correct and that “Jesus is our one true hope.”

Donald Casebolt

College Place


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