Surgeon finds Jesus in little girl's heart


The doctor was confused. After explaining to his little patient the general details of the heart surgery she was to have the next day, she said, “And when you do my heart, you’ll find Jesus there.”

The surgeon explained that the heart consisted of tissues and vessels.

She responded, “Yes. And you’ll find Jesus there, too.”

The surgeon left her room in contemplation at such faith and the conviction expressed to him by the child.

In fact, that evening he spent time remembering his own upbringing. He had learned about God’s love in Sunday school as a child, and had been taught that Jesus Christ had died for his sins on the cross and that God had raised Him from the dead to be Savior and Lord.

He had never placed his trust in Jesus, but the little girl’s words echoed in his heart.

He thought of how empty and lacking his life had seemed. In being honest with himself, he felt guilty about how he had been living.

That evening he knelt and gave his heart to Jesus.

In visiting with the little girl again after he’d performed a successful surgery, she asked him, “When you operated on me, did you find Jesus in my heart?”

The doctor smiled and said, “Yes. I found Jesus in your heart.”

His statement was true. The doctor had found Jesus as his own, personal Savior in her heart of faith.

God loves us. He reveals Himself to those who love Him, give themselves completely to Him, believing in Jesus as the Son of God and as their personal Savior. He gives each of us the opportunity to turn our lives over to Him. He is giving us that opportunity this very moment.

The Rev. Greg Brownell is pastor of Dayton United Brethren Church in Dayton. Pastors in the U-B circulation area who want to write a column should contact Catherine Hicks at 509-526-8312, or by email at


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