Carbon dioxide emissions used as scapegoat


Perhaps I owe Steve Luckstead an apology on one point.

Although we didn’t speak over the phone last spring as claimed in his letter (“Look at evidence, not twisted information”, Dec. 30), we did have one friendly email exchange in May and his brief reply did mention we could talk when he got home after his June vacation (although he did have a stack of reading material and was very skeptical of AGW critics).

I offered to give him the books I previously mentioned, meet over coffee or drop them somewhere, saying he could read them at his leisure, check all of the numerous sources and if not interested in keeping them, donate them to the AAUW book sales.

That was hardly an attempt to “dictate his reading agenda.”

I complimented him as a brilliant physicist whose “Science Matters” articles I very much enjoy. That is still the case (so long as the articles are not AGW pseudoscience).

Over the intervening seven months with numerous U-B letters and syndicated articles reflecting climate change alarmism, I became somewhat frustrated to the point of mentioning the books and Luckstead in my recent letter.

He is entitled to believe that I was “arrogant, presumptuous and misleading” but to me those words better describe those who claim AGW is settled science and refuse to even question it.

They also apply to those who continue to make the absurd claim that any scientists or organizations critical of AGW pseudoscience are using “concocted arguments,” are “lone wolves with flimsy arguments” or are “lobbyist front organizations.”

That slanders many distinguished scientists and I find it surprising that someone who once wrote an article entitled, “Political pressures twist science to fit agendas” won’t consider that entities espousing AGW may be doing just that (while pretending not to notice growing ice packs at both poles and — despite the steady increase in CO2 emissions — the Earth’s mean temperature has been dropping for some 17 years).

Not surprisingly, they never provide solid evidence that climate change actually results from anthropogenic emissions of CO2. That’s simply because there is no solid evidence of that.

The most serious problem our world faces results from the actions of our own governments to enact laws, emplace regulations and raise taxes using harmless carbon dioxide emissions as justification.

This is detrimental to our (and our children’s) future economy, industry and quality of life.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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