Dope cooker makes a hash of things

Police say a man trying to render pot into hashish caused an explosion in his Walla Walla apartment.



Slats from a venetian blind are scattered across the lawn at Blue Mountain Apartments on Monday evening after a window blew out in an explosion caused when, Walla Walla police say, a man was attempting to cook down marijuana to make hashish oil.

WALLA WALLA – A 22-year-old man caused an explosion in a residential apartment complex Monday night while he was attempting to “cook” hashish.

According to Tim Bennett, spokesman for the Walla Walla Police Department, John A. Nibler was attempting to render marijuana down into hashish using instructions he had found on YouTube.

“The process went awry, causing an explosion which blew out the apartment window,” Bennett said. “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.”

Bennett added that no one was injured in the explosion, which occurred just before 5:30 p.m. in apartment 49 in the Blue Mountain View Apartment Complex. Nibler was not in the kitchen when his experiment went up in smoke Bennett said.

The force of the explosion did blow the bedroom window out, frame and all, leaving a nearly intact window lying in the lawn outside the ground floor apartment.

“It played hell with the venetian blinds,” Bennett said.

Nibler’s stove and stove hood caught fire as well, causing roughly $200 damage. Bennett said Nibler was not arrested after the explosion, but the case has been forwarded to the Special Teams Unit for review of possible criminal charges.


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