America can’t take care of world


I read Norm Osterman’s letter and I have some thoughts about this income inequality and upward mobility.

When the recession/depression started, companies got rid of their worst employees first and most don’t want them back. Why?

Look at them, and who’s fault is it. Many didn’t finish the free high school education provided for them and many had kids out of wedlock. Then, look at them when they go apply for a job — dress, appearance, presentation, attitude and work ethic, sucks! You can’t help people who will not help themselves.

How do I know this? I was a business owner for 35 years and at one time we had 120 employees. I had to interview many of these people. Then came the Jimmy Carter recession of 1980, caused by the Democrats’ taxing and business policies, much like today. Note, I voted for him and was a Democrat until the last 6 months of the Carter administration.

I agree, socialism/communism has been tried many times in the past 90 years, it’s never worked and will never work. Why? It makes lazy, nonproductive people lazier and takes the will out of the productive people to produce.

Look at Russia, Cuba and China. Note, communist China didn’t become the power house economy it is today, until it adopted the capitalist business platform.

Why is it that the countries that tried communism have switched to capitalism and the socialist/communist liberals are pushing the most successful and prosperous country in the history of man into socialism/communism? The Democratic Party needs to study history!

The American public need to do their homework and not believe the socialist/communist Kool-Aid. They would then know what caused the economic problems.

Democrats can’t keep blaming Bush, this last seven years have been on their shoulders, lie as they may!!!

This country can’t feed, clothe, house, give health care and jobs to all the world’s poor!

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla


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