Pothole-reduction signs a waste of money


In some form or another, many of us have had to travel through or near the newly paved sections of Rose Street and Myra Road. When construction began, and as it progressed, I noticed a variety of signs associated with the construction being placed in a variety of locations for our viewing pleasure.

These signs advertised the fact we would be reducing our pothole population. What do I say to this? Duh and how stupid is this!

I recently stopped in a local business with my wife to purchase few items. This business was close to Myra Road so I began a conversation about these same signs with a very pleasant and helpful employee. This employee told me a person associated with the construction work actually solicited asked him if the business would be willing to hand out small fliers to customers communicating the same thing the big outdoor signs said.

This same employee asked the construction representative how much these signs were costing the taxpayers? Although city officials have said the cost of the information program was less $16,000, the employee said the response from the representative was that it was over $20,000. He went on to say they went $3,000 over budget.

Either way, tax dollars were spent.

You may or may not think these signs were necessary. This is still America, so decide for yourself.

It’s just my opinion, but this is one example of how easily we flush taxpayer money away like it’s nothing. Imagine if we printed a sign for every little construction project in town so someone could pat themselves on the back? I have not written a letter to the editor for over 29 years, but this was something I just had to share with everyone in our community.

What a waste of money and what a huge amount of inconsideration and lack of respect for those who foot the bill for these projects — us!

Chad Jerald

Walla Walla


jace12 1 year, 8 months ago

Well said Mr. Jerald...I think you should write more letters to the editor...maybe even have your own column!


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