Wa-Hi’s Jameson, Jenkins shine in Spokane


SPOKANE — The Walla Walla High School JROTC Precision Rifle Team traveled to Spokane on Sunday to compete in two NRA Sectional rifle matches at the Spokane Rifle Club.

The first match consisting of 60 shots fired from the standing position had a total of 16 competitors in the precision category from Washington and Idaho.

Wa-Hi’s top shooter in that match was Cadet Lieutenant Andrew Jenkins, who took second shooter to Randi Loudin from Spokane with a score of 567 out of 600, finishing just a single point behind Loudin.

“I was glad to see Andrew have a good match here,” said Wa-Hi Rifle Team coach Mark Mebes after the match. “He has done a lot of work on his standing position lately and it was good to see it pay off.”

Walla Walla High School’s Precision Team also won the 60-shot standing match with a final score of 1,672 out of 1,800.

Wa-Hi senior Cadet First Sergeant Sarah Jameson won the second match in which competitors fired 20 shots in three different positions. She fired a final score of 579 out of 600.

“I had a little trouble finding a solid kneeling position,” Jameson said. “I am going to have to work on that before next weekend’s match in Oregon. But my prone scores made up for it and my score turned out better than I thought it would.”

Her prone score was a perfect 200 points. She shot 17 of the 20 “center Xs,” meaning the shot took the entire 10 spot off the target, which is roughly the size of a pinhole.

The Spokane Rifle Club is contacting the NRA this week to determine whether Jameson’s prone target will qualify for any state or national records.

“Sarah currently holds one national record for a set of standing targets that she fired at the Junior Olympic National Championship in Alabama last July,” Mebes said. “It would be great if she set another one.”

The NRA 3-Position team match was won by the Spokane Junior Rifle Club with a score of 2,276 out of 2,400, with Wa-Hi’s JROTC coming in second.

Wa-Hi travels to La Pine, Ore., for a JROTC Cascade Mountain League meet this weekend.

Match Results

2014 NRA Junior Sectional Standing Match

First — Randi Loudin 568

Second — Andrew Jenkins 567

Third — Sarah Jameson 564

Fourth — Katie Loudin 563

Fifth — Allison Juergensen 563

Sixth — Maliya Hillman 562

Seventh — Mike Cooper 548

Eighth — Samantha French 548

Ninth — Daniel Enger 545

10th — David Wright 542

11th — Nathan Brewer 535

12th — Evan Jameson 534

13th — Cassidy Wilson 534

14th — Mason Maystrovich 489

15th — Mary Maystrovich 486

16th — Taylor Christian 464

Team Results

First — Walla Walla High School JROTC 1 1672

Second — Spokane Junior Silver Team 1659

Third — Spokane Junior Gold Team 1658

Fourth — Walla Walla High School JROTC 2 1650

Fifth — Spokane Junior Bronze Team 1439

2014 NRA Junior 3 Position Air Match

First — Sarah Jameson 579

Second — Maliya Hillman 577

Third — David Wright 575

Fourth — Allison Juergensen 569

Fifth — Randi Loudin 569

Sixth — Katie Loudin 569

Seventh — Andrew Jenkins 567

Eighth — Samantha French 565

Ninth — Cassidy Wilson 561

10th — Evan Jameson 559

11th — Mike Cooper 555

12th — Nathan Brewer 552

13th — Daniel Enger 540

14th — Mary Maystrovich 531

15th — Mason Maystrovich 526

16th — Taylor Christian 497

Team Results

First — Spokane Junior Team Gold 2276

Second — Walla Walla JROTC Team 1 2255

Third — Spokane Junior Team Silver 2187


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