Letter - Think twice before teasing, abusing others


I don’t know what’s going on with all of these children becoming gunmen.

Is it abuse, teasing or too much copycat action? Perhaps it’s “I’m going to show them don’t mess with me.”

Subteens and teenagers can be more intense when it comes to reactions or what they consider an injustice.

I can speak with authority on abuse. When I was in school I was subjected to verbal abuse.

I had several teachers and fellow students, which included one girl, do this. I took the abuse not knowing how to cope with it. I took issue with one teacher and was abraded by her in front of the entire classroom.

I never did anything about it, however. I just took it and kept on going.

As the years went by I never forgot what was said or done by these people, I just considered the source and went about my life.

During their entire lives they never once said they were sorry or offered an apology.

I guess I could have shot up the school or town, but by doing so I would have acknowledged they had won.

So instead I go out to the cemetery and place a flower on their graves and tell them all is forgiven, but the scars are still on my heart.

Please think twice before you act or speak. Once said or done it’s out there. Respect life and others.

My prayers go out to all of the victims and their families, of shooting attacks.

My apology to anyone I have offended.

Rex W. Miller

College Place


tpeacock 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Your letter highlights a great part of why things have degraded to what they are today. I too went through a lot of carp growing up, but I was raised the old school way, learned very well from my folks that you pull up your bootstraps and carry on. There were times when this was difficult, and I certainly don't condone these actions from or towards anyone, and I am far from being unemotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve, as the saying goes, but I also learned there's a time and a place for feelings, vengeance is a dead end road, and what happens in childhood is quickly forgotten or gotten over as we age and mature. A great part of my evolution came compliments of the US Army. I went in as an Infantryman, and my main job was being taught to kill people, and in any way I had whether it be a firearm, a knife, my hands or, if all that failed or was unavailable, my wits. With that I came to understand that we all have that power at our disposal, don't kid yourself one bit, I am of normal size and am no kind of brawler. Too though, with that knowledge I had the epiphany of my entire existence; if I had the ability in me to do what I was taught, what was there to be afraid of or intimidated by? Then I found myself asking, what then would justify these means? I came to the conclusion nothing! With that power at my disposal, the playing field was at best level, but truly tipped greatly in my favor. So nowadays I look at those whose wrath I endured and actually find pity for them as they have to live with what they did, I don't. It's over a long time ago, I survived, and sitting in a clock tower with a rifle, or any other means of acting out to somehow make up for the misdeeds of others too many years ago, is a futile means of existence that I can spend those energies on doing for my self rather than feeling sorry, or trying to avenge the misdeeds of others. Too many these days play the victimized card and expect society to feel sorry for them, hold Kumbaya moments, and whatever else their little feelings need to be stroked and for them to feel good about themselves. Just as it takes less muscles and effort to smile than frown, it takes much less energy to enjoy life than to seek vengeance for actions, or play on emotions I can dismiss by merely bucking up and being a man instead.


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