Letter - Access to opinion page should not be denied


I get an uneasy feeling when someone suggests the Union-Bulletin deny certain letter writers access to the opinion page.

Dan R. Clark and Ted Cox apparently know of a number of people who have grown tired of being the audience for the frequent debates on global warming between “the two Steves.”

Both Mr. Clark and Mr. Cox contend that the U-B has provided a forum for Steve and Steve way too long, and it’s time for that to cease.

To those who are tired of reading letters on whatever subjects, I have a suggestion. Just don’t read the letters! That’s a much better solution than suggesting the right of free speech be denied.

Like Mr. Cox, I totally agree with Steve, but totally disagree with the other Steve. It doesn’t bother me that both men are fervent about their opinions and aren’t shy about expressing them.

That’s what “Our Readers’ Opinions” is all about.

But to propose that this forum should be denied to anyone just because there are some, or many, who are annoyed is disturbing.

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


tpeacock 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Wow! A very well written, salient and to the point letter from you Ms. Bardsley. Thank you for the quite refreshing switch, its nice to read a letter like this that has a good point to it.


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