Letter - Banning legal pot sales helps criminals


There are all kinds of pot for sale in Walla Walla.

Kids can buy it at school from the same people who sell the Vicodin and Oxy they get from their parents medicine chest. And the drug cartels ship tons of the stuff up here from Mexico because there is so much money to be made from the existing market.

The only place you cannot buy pot is at a store that checks your ID to make sure you are old enough and sells only regulated safe and legal pot.

The silly folk want only the criminals to be able to benefit from the money from the pot sales so they want to ban legal sales in Walla Walla. Some people’s kids.

David Higgins

Walla Walla


tpeacock 11 months ago

With regards to the Mexican drug cartels and the tons of stuff shipped up here; perhaps it's been a while since you bought any, but downtown brown is very hard to find any more; here in our great state and the Canadian Prov. directly north of here we grow some of the best KGB around. I'm surprised you're unaware of this Dave, or are you just not wanting folks to know you have intimate knowledge of the 420 culture? It's okay now, it's legal.


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