Letter - School levy approval good for College Place


I will be voting yes on the College Place School District replacement levy.

Supporting this levy is important for these reasons;

It is an investment in your community’s future.

It helps ensure young people, who may lead us tomorrow, get the tools they need today.

It maintains the current level of qualified, dedicated teachers.

This levy will not raise our taxes, and it will provide the College Place schools with the funds needed to maintain their transportation services, special education program, utilities, nursing services, facilities maintenance and staffing (above state-funded levels).

The College Place School District has provided a solid education for my son and it is my desire to support it.

As a citizen, I want to ensure this community continues to grow with a strong foundation — this starts young, at home and in the school system.

If you are not a parent, please do consider the next generation and how a solid education will help grow our town.

Shana Bobbitt

College Place


namvet60 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Question? If this levy does not raise your taxes does it lower your taxes if it is not passed? If the levy does not raise your taxes where does the funds come from to finance the levy?


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