Letter - Vote to retain present EMS levy


Please support the emergency medical services levy.

The city of Walla Walla Fire Department first took over the ambulance service for the city and county in 1969. We were one of the first cities in our state to provide paramedics on the ambulances.

We now have the highest quality of personnel who provide advanced life support to our city and county. All fire districts in Walla Walla County receive EMS funds for basic life support from this levy.

Last year the city Fire Department responded to 5,283 runs in an ambulance. The city of Walla Walla also responded 869 times with a fire engine to assist with EMS operations.

Our ambulance personnel in the city and county districts are also firefighters so we, as taxpayers, get the most out of our tax dollars. All levels of EMS operations in Walla Walla County are supported by this levy.

There is no increase in the levy rate. This is the same levy the city and county people have paid for the last 18 years.

Please don’t take a chance on losing this essential emergency service. Please vote for retaining the present EMS levy.

Fred L. Mitchell

Walla Walla


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