Spokane’s first pot buyer says he’s getting fired


The first person to legally buy recreational pot in Spokane says the fame has cost him his job.

Mike Boyer, whose enthusiastic purchase Tuesday was broadcast by TV stations and photographed by newspapers, said Wednesday that two of his three part-time employers have since ordered him to report for drug tests that he’s certain he’ll fail.

Boyer said Wednesday that after significant media coverage of his purchase Tuesday, he received a text message from the Spokane office of temporary staffing firm TrueBlue Labor Ready ordering him to take a drug test within 24 hours. He told The Associated Press he took the test, failed it and was fired.

Stacey Burke, a spokeswoman Tacoma-based TrueBlue, says company policy prohibits being under the influence on the job. She said there's no reason he would have been fired for having bought the pot, nor would the purchase have given the company reason to order him to take a drug test.

She says the company is looking into Boyer's claims, and that if he was fired outside of protocol, he would be reinstated.

Boyer posted his resume on the Internet bulletin board Craigslist on Wednesday, saying that Kodiak Security had fired him and that he was now “jobless,” though a Kodiak official said Wednesday afternoon that he still had a job there. Boyer speculated the company was waiting to see if he showed up for the drug test before making it official.

“I was really unaware that this might be a big deal,” he said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Boyer had waited for hours outside of Spokane Green Leaf – the first state-licensed retail marijuana store to open in Spokane – and became the first person in the Lilac City to legally purchase recreational pot. He emerged from the store and shouted “Go Washington” to the cheering crowd before driving home and smoking his new purchase with friends.

Boyer said he has a medical marijuana card and takes drug-infused medications, and that might allow him to get around the urine test at Kodiak. But he wasn’t optimistic.

Boyer also said he did not expect the publicity to cost him his employment.

But employers are allowed to continue testing their workers pursuant to their internal employment policies, according to the Washington Liquor Control Board, which is handling the implementation of marijuana rules. This includes screening applicants for jobs.

Kym Ramey, human resources manager for Kodiak, said that Boyer, who has worked there for several weeks, is still employed by the firm. She also said employees are tested per company policy.

“We’re a security firm,” Ramey said. “Our employees can’t be under the influence on the job.”

Regardless of what happens, capturing the title of first buyer of legal pot in Spokane was worth the employment woes to Boyer.

“I regret nothing,” he said.


RBuce7540 6 months, 3 weeks ago

This guy is clearly an idiot who deserves to be fired. It is obvious that he knew perfectly well that his employer had a zero tolerance policy but chose to do this anyway. Apparently thinking that they would never find out and not considering what he was doing when he was in the thrill of the moment with his 15 seconds of fame. Just because marijuana is legal for recreational use doesn't mean that anyone is immune from the consequences that still exist...like being fired from a job that still prohibits its use for safety or security reasons. For example, I certainly would not feel comfortable if a local air travel service started allowing its pilots to smoke weed and then potentially come in stoned to fly the plane that i was on. A security firm is expected to have competent, alert people on duty to protect whatever assets they've been hired for, and to have a guard report for duty that is potentially stoned would not fit the company mandate. this guy claims to have a medical marijuana card...if he does he also failed to report that to the company as well, once again believing that they would never find out. he is an idiot for allowing himself and his marijuana activities to become a matter of public record. Legal marijuana means you can't get busted for smoking it legally at home...it DOESN'T mean that you can't still be terminated from your job or evicted from your rental home for violating a zero tolerance or no drugs allowed policy.


madcroatian 6 months, 3 weeks ago

There really is no limit on how stupid someone can be. Every time you think you have seen the limit, someone lowers the bar. At least someone else will now get his job. Trouble is, he will still qualify for unemployment, which is probably what he3 wanted all along.


downhillracer 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Not if he was terminated with cause, but since you have a pre-conceived notion as to what his intention was, you don't care about facts.


Hersey 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Going to work stoned is kind of like going to work drunk. Just because it's legal doesn't mean you can do it.


Kevconpat 6 months, 2 weeks ago

So as of this morning, Friday......... 'Spokane Guy' is back at work with his employers blessing. He bought pot legally and was not at work while he used the pot legally. His employer apparently now states he did nothing wrong. (Policy) say's nothing against the guy or any employee from using pot while not in the workplace on days off where He is employed. Confusing, a bit. Stay tuned. He may have been exuberant but not an idiot. Read the facts.


GeneandCassie 6 months, 2 weeks ago

The important thing is that the article/feller says that 'capturing the title of first buyer of legal pot in Spokane was worth the employment woes.....'

So all should be well regardless......


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