Letter - Time for Cooper and Blackman to ‘step up’


Once again, the U-B is showing its bias in the sheriff’s race, and trying to do another hatchet job on John Turner.

Tom Cooper and Barry Blackman could have done their own video, but instead they acted like spoiled children.

“If I don’t get my way, I’m taking my toys and leaving ...” Oh, and let’s not forget “it was a biased audience, so we’re not going to participate ...”

This isn’t the first time Cooper has avoided a meeting with Turner and Blackman — just ask the Rotary Club. All three candidates were invited to speak, and Blackman and Turner both attended. But Cooper “couldn’t make it.”

Turner has done a series of “meet and greets,” and is willing to discuss any topic. You certainly haven’t seen this kind of transparency from either Blackman or Cooper.

All candidates have the right to video their appearances. It’s time for Cooper and Blackman to either “step up” or quit complaining.

Gloria Baker



cropcircles 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Once again you miss the point. Turner lied with the first video taping and thought he could get away with a second one. Good for Cooper and Blackman to not engage in his game playing. Finally, someone with some marbles and some balls who will stand up for honesty.


Grandma76032 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Crude comments, cropcircles. It seems to me proof that Cooper & Blackman lie that they didn't want to be recorded. Did anyone see the KNDU 11:00 news last night? There had been a debate for all the 4th District Representative candidates. KNDU showed about a 15 second clip from each speaker. Apparently all those candidates were much more fearless & honest than Cooper & Blackman.


campbell_rd 7 months, 1 week ago

Sheriff Turner is respectful, knows the law extremely well (very important for Sheriff) and was present at all of the public debates. Where were the other two candidates at the debate earlier this week? Absent again, Mr Blackman was working (evidently didn't try to take time off) and Mr Cooper didn't show and didn't even respect us enough to say why he couldn't attend. Cooper and Blackman are always complaining instead of making constructive criticism. I voted for Sheriff Turner I hope you will too, but even if you don't vote for Sheriff Turner at least vote for someone.


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