Letter - Turner is hardest working sheriff in decades


I was proud to be a deputy sheriff with the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office for 37½ years. I served in several different capacities and retired Feb. 28 this year.

I served under five sheriffs. Each of the first four sheriffs brought their skills and leadership to this department. The fifth sheriff, Sheriff John Turner, is the hardest working, most dedicated, most honorable and most ethical law enforcement leader I served with.

Since his first day in office he averages 65-80 hours of work per week, far more than any prior sheriff.

Sheriff Turner is dedicated to making the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office the best it has ever been. He has brought very skilled staff members to the department to share their knowledge and experience. He strives to equip every deputy and corrections officer to the best possible level for his or her safety.

This has included bulletproof vests that are not expired, rifles, pistols, patrol vehicles, computers, K-9s, warm uniforms and more. John Turner has brought the department into the 21st century of law enforcement technology and diverse training. He has done this under budget every year and has met his last campaign’s goals ahead of schedule by two years.

In January 2011 I went back to patrol as the most senior department sergeant from a captain’s (corrections commander) position, a post I’d held under then-sheriff Mike Humphreys. I had run for Sheriff in 2010 against Capt. Bill White and Sheriff Turner.

I quickly learned that John Turner was going to make a great sheriff! Sheriff Turner is not perfect. None of us are.

But he is a very, very good sheriff. Please join retired Judge Don Schacht, Margaret Schacht, retired Walla Walla Police Chief Chuck Fulton and me in re-electing Sheriff John Turner.

Between us, Don, Margaret, Chuck and I have over 125 years of experience in law enforcement and criminal justice management experience. We know John Turner is more qualified and the best choice for sheriff of Walla Walla County.

Jim Romine



george136 10 months, 2 weeks ago

... and who are you again? Aren't you the guy who Sheriff Humphreys put in charge of the jail so he wouldn't have to constantly deal with you as a road deputy? Aren't you the guy who ignored sexual harassment among your staff to the point the Sheriff's office was successfully sued over that issue as well as the way an L & I claim was mishandled and the employee was then fired for reporting it? Aren't you responsible for several lawsuits against the county during your time on the road and in the jail? Aren't you Sheriff Turner's choice for Deputy of the year 2013? Why would your judgment of Turner's job performance hold any credibility whatsoever?


mythoughts 10 months, 1 week ago

More personal attacks. Disrespect is the main agenda for Cooper and Blackman supporters.


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