Letter - Sheriff Turner has gotten results


The upcoming election of our Walla Walla County sheriff is important for our community. The goal in selecting the best individual to lead the department is to have the best possible leadership providing the most beneficial result for a safe community, stable and effective law enforcement, and a creative achievable vision for heading off tomorrow’s problems before they become problems.

The present election campaign for sheriff has superficially become somewhat clouded with sensationalism while, as voters, we must all keep a clear view of actual facts — and actual results.

I support re-election of John Turner for a number of reasons, having informed myself in actual facts and observing past results.

  1. Sheriff Turner has achieved a broad education level far beyond the other candidates. He is exceptionally well versed and trained in law and law enforcement. We are indeed fortunate.

  2. During his first election campaign he promised to reduce crime, broaden collaboration with all law enforcement departments in our area, update technology and equipment to a more state-the-art level, increase efficiency and be a leader with vision. Nearly four years later, he has indeed kept his campaign commitments and done so with passion and hard work.

  3. He, along with Police Chief Scott Bieber, are collaborating with others to implement a broad and aggressive effort to deal with our gang problems; the issue identified by our Walla Walla Community Council as the No. 1 priority for the Valley. The solutions are broad and Sheriff Turner is fully engaged.

  4. Currently, crime is aggressively dealt with, patrols protect us around the clock and our officers are trained in effective law enforcement and have up-to-date equipment.

Yes, the equipment has had a cost, but so does the latest fire and ambulance equipment and staff training that we highly prioritize and hold dear; it makes us more safe and secure!

In an effort to be fully informed, I read and also listen carefully in the candidate forums. The words and statements I hear from Sheriff Turner affirm structure, crispness, vision and professionalism; and kindness. What I hear from the other candidates resounds familiarly as disgruntled employees with the agenda of retaliation.

Having owned my own business for many years, I know what that looks like.

We all need to find our own confident choices in our votes by being as fully informed as we are able.

Without having walked in their shoes, we certainly should not attempt to tell our elected leaders how to manage their departments and personnel through the ballot.

Allan Gillespie

Walla Walla


mythoughts 1 year ago

Very nice. Love the truth and the facts written so clearly.


WOW 1 year ago

How many times as the SO needed the 20k rifles and 15k scopes? That is a lot of people in this counties wages for the year. It could have been done with less money. Sure they would be nice against the Jihad, oh that's right we are still in America, where all men and women are equal. People are still free to practice their religion last I checked, like or not. The K9's that finished 1 and 2? out of how many dogs? I heard it was 3. Super huge accomplishment 1 and 2 out of 3, luck of the draw.


mythoughts 1 year ago

Now your belittling the accomplishments of our K-2's and their handlers? It's disgusting


mythoughts 1 year ago

Now your belittling the accomplishments of our K-2's and their handlers? It's disgusting


cropcircles 1 year ago

No just pointing out how Turner likes to mislead voters. Doesnt mean that the K9s arent good dogs with good deputies, but touting a top spot when the cohort is a size of 3 or 4 is stretching the truth. What's sad is that those deputies know Turner is doing this, how humiliating for them.


mythoughts 12 months ago

Obviously you guys will throw anyone under the bus to get what you want. Including the K-2's and deputy handlers by belittling their accomplishments.

Regardless of what you say I am Very proud of them.


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