Letter - Tom Cooper will heal fractured Sheriff’s Office


I was thrilled to see the U-B article about Tom Cooper in Tuesday night’s paper. It’s time the public see the truths of Tom Cooper’s dedication and many commitments to the Sheriff’s Office and the Walla Walla community.

The numerous slanderous and biased letters to the editor about Tom have been written by folks who have been blinded by untruths and misinformation. He is a deputy of the highest standards.

It is unfortunate that his talent to serve in another capacity within the office while recovering from a work-related injury has been prohibited by an administration that is unable to set aside personal bias for the good of the community.

Tom is educated to be a sheriff and is the candidate with the greatest number of Washington state law enforcement certifications. He has worked in multiple phases of the Sheriff’s Office in his 25-year career.

It is clear Tom has an enormous amount of respect for the deputies and he has represented them for over 15 years as a negotiator and as president of their labor union. He will lead by mentoring, not by intimidation or retaliation.

He has a vision for the Sheriff’s Office. He sees the need and will strive to have qualified, bilingual administration and deputies to strengthen the ability to serve our community.

His goal is to bring unity to a fractured staff that has not existed in nearly four years. He will focus on restoring fiscal responsibility to the office.

Tom Cooper is the man for the sheriff’s job.

Stacey Dillard-Pegel

Walla Walla


sneakerhead 1 year, 2 months ago

Who is Tom Cooper??? Does he work for the Sheriffs Office?


Grandma76032 1 year, 2 months ago

sneakerhead, from what I gather, Tom Cooper doesn't work. But he is still employed by the sheriff's office, drawing money from the taxpayers. He asserts on-the-job injuries, but still seems very able to campaign, put up signs, & get around quite well. I guess he wants to sit at a desk and order other people around.


mythoughts 1 year, 2 months ago

Yep. That's exactly the truth Grandma.


cropcircles 1 year, 2 months ago

Cooper is a victim of Turner's political poutiness. When Turner couldnt bully him out, he tried humiliation with a job offer that was half his pay. And then when that didnt work, Turner claimed "no light duties left" and sent Cooper home. Then Turner hires a private detective to spy on him, just like he did with a reserve who backed White. Its just dirty politics.


mythoughts 1 year, 2 months ago

Half truths again cropcircles.

Tell the truth. Cooper thought he was to good to work in the office at his same pay. He would rather not work at all and still collect tax payers dollars. SHAME ON HIM!

Cooper used up all the light duty their contract allows. Check the contract.


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