Letter - We need Frank Brown as county coroner


Through experience, I have had the opportunity to see Frank Brown and Richard Greenwood at work. My husband passed away during Frank Brown’s term in office as county coroner.

Frank came to my home and became part of the family with his kindness and caring attitude. He is a very compassionate man who is helpful in every respect when working with distraught families. He is also very knowledgeable and was able to explain the process of death and dying to us.

This past February another dear one passed away and we had the privilege of witnessing Richard Greenwood at work in the home. He was plain matter-of-fact with no empathy whatsoever. He was simply doing his job.

I ask you to put yourself in the shoes of people who are losing their loved one. There is a difference in the way the situation is handled, especially when you find yourself so distraught because of the loss you are experiencing.

When someone takes the time to care and is there for you compared to someone coming in just to “do their job;” which person would you prefer to work with you and your family?

I say we need to re-elect Frank Brown for county coroner.

Gabriela Snarr

Walla Walla


pamray@charter.net 11 months ago

NO WE DON'T!! He overstepped his responsibilities and boundaries as the County Coroner, so much so that every law enforcement and fire agency complained about him and wouldn't work with him. There is a reason he lost the election to a relative newcomer ~ he didn't do a good job!


WWFYI 11 months ago

The County Coroner’s Office for the 30 years preceding Richard Greenwood getting elected Coroner in 2010 was a problem department for the County Commissioners. The Commissioners said that they would regularly receive complaint after complaint filed against the two previous Coroners (Ames 25 yrs Brown 5 yrs). The Commissioners have also stated recently that they have received no complaints about the Coroner’s Office since Richard Greenwood was elected in 2010. The previous two Coroner’s (Ames 25 yrs Brown 5 yrs) over a 30 year period left 305 cremated remains in the basement without a proper burial. These were 305 people with a heart and a soul!

Here is a quote from the Re-elect Richard Greenwood Facebook page about what he did with the cremated remains the previous two Coroners (Ames 25 yrs Brown 5 yrs) left in the basement: “Out of 305 cremations in the office, Mr. Greenwood, partnered with the College Place VFW, identified 15 honorably discharged Veterans and put them to rest at the Medical Lake Cemetery. The remaining 290 deceased were laid to rest in a pre-established public crypt at the Mountain View Cemetery. With their teamwork, 305 remains were properly buried and by using resources already available to him, this didn't cost the taxpayers a dollar extra.”


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