Letter - Dave Wilson is good candidate for Congress


Dave Wilson is running for Congress in the 5th District.

As he explained to me when I met with him on July 20, he plans to end the gridlock in Washington, D.C. But that isn’t all he is pledging to do.

His is unique in the way he is running. When you meet Dave, he asks you one important question, and it is one that everyone relates to.

He asks, “Are you fed up with how things are being done in Congress?”

As all of us know, it’s a yes. Everyone is exceedingly displeased and fed up with how things are going. He wants to change that.

As he said though, “It will not be easy.”

Dave has pledged that while he is running to represent you he will not accept endorsements from large corporations, special interest groups or PACs. He wants to represent only you.

He will accept only donations up to $500 per person. By doing this he wants to prove a point, that you don’t have to be rich to be a politician.

As I reminded him, Jimmy Carter grew up as a small peanut farmer, and became a major influence on how politics are today. Dave also pledges to not be part of any kind of political maneuvering that leads to the shutdown of the federal government.

The event I attended where I got to meet Dave was very intriguing. He is not like other politicians who are in office now. He has a plan and a will to get it done.

Not only is he trying to help constituents of all parties, he is trying to show that big money should not dictate who wins election. It is said that running for office is just a rich man’s game, a monopoly so to speak, and he wants to topple that game and prove to everyone that it can be done.

I and other people in the small crowd that gathered that evening all agreed he is right for the seat of the 5th District. If you want to meet him, talk to him and ask him questions, you can easily send him an email through his website, davewilsonforcongress.com. So go look him up and decide for yourself, and ask him directly why he is a good candidate for Congress.

Kenneth Bowen

Walla Walla


wallyworldguy 1 year ago

went to his web site, funny that he doesn't declare his affiliation. Dem, republican, or independent.


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