Art collectors: Be yourself, buy what appeals to you


Dear Art Collector:

I am the wife of an artist, and like all artists, we look for you. Many of you find us by our website, Steve Henderson Fine Art, but there are thousands of you out there somewhere that we, and other artists like us, are unable to reach.

First of all, I thought you’d want to know how the general populace perceives you:

You’re rich. Extremely so.

And if you can be assembled within some sort of social function and made to be drunk enough, then you’ll buy anything.

I know, that doesn’t sound very flattering, but it’s a misconception that people have about anybody perceived to have money.

A lot of alcohol flows through fundraisers. But let’s get rid of the myths and discuss reality:

If you collect art, you may or may not be rich ....

Editor’s note: This is the ​beginning of the ​first column in a three-part weekly series ​on art collecting ​​running in the U-B's Marquee print editions. It was written originally for Fine Art Studio Online​ ​by Carolyn Henderson​, who also writes bimonthly articles on featured artists at Wenaha Gallery in Dayton. To read her full column online, visit


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