Letter - Coroner Richard Greenwood is impressive


As a police officer in College Place, I have worked with county Coroner Richard Greenwood on several death investigations. He has thoroughly impressed me with his service.

Mr. Greenwood has always been prompt in arriving at the scene. He is very professional as he deals with the family of the deceased. He is also genuinely kind and compassionate as he interacts with those who grieve.

If Mr. Greenwood tells anyone he will do something, you can count on it getting done in a timely manner. I have seen some of his reports once he completes his investigation. I feel the reports have been done extremely well.

I believe Mr. Greenwood works well within his budget and that he has a positive relationship with the county commissioners. I have seem him do extra things that his job description does not necessarily require. He is definitely not lazy and does not cut corners.

I highly recommend Richard Greenwood be re-elected as the coroner for Walla Walla County.

Harry Flemmer

College Place


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