Letter - U-B’s Ken Morgan does great job covering sports


In response to the recent letter to the editor, “Wa-Hi softball coverage appreciated! Headline? Not so much.”

I think we are being too sensitive. The headline is what got my attention. Nothing is going to change what the Wa-Hi team accomplished this year

I always read up on our local teams: Wa-Hi, DeSales, Waitsburg-Prescott, Athena-Weston and Mac-Hi.

Having said that, had the headline read “Puyallup wins championship” I would’ve not shown any interest in reading as I don’t know anything about Puyallup. But when I saw the headline with Wa-Hi on it, I naturally read the story.

Wa-Hi girls had a great season. Only two teams have the opportunity to play for the championship, which will be a memory that will be with them forever, so I don’t believe the headline will factor in later in life.

And yes, Ken Morgan does a great job of covering games for the U-B. Or, when I call my scores in the next day, I always hope the guy I talk to is Mr. Morgan because he does not just write things down, he will ask about all the players by first name and knows all of them well. More importantly, he knows the game.

Keep up the great job that you do!

Sal Benavides

Dayton High School baseball coach



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