Letter - Hypotheses are not facts


Hypotheses serve a purpose in science, but they are not facts. Mr. Luckstead’s graph of whale precursors proves only one scientific fact: These creatures once lived and then died. Any macro-evolutionary event is simply evolutionary imagination.

If whales evolved, it would have been from the sea to the land to the sea. So, why doesn’t Mr. Luckstead’s graph include the required reptile, amphibian and fish ancestors for sinonyx?

Mr. Luckstead failed to mention that only one-third of any pakicetus skeleton has ever been discovered. All of its pictured lower spine, tail, gut and legs are nothing more than evolutionary imagination.

Some people are ignorant of whale anatomy. They do not have a vestigial pelvis. Those bones are anchor points for sexual reproduction. Materialists argue this is simply nature adapting an organ from one use into another.

However, evolution has no goal or long-range plans. To scientifically prove an evolutionary lineage, Mr. Luckstead must show what function this alleged pelvis served in all of his other alleged intermediaries.

Remember, these changes allegedly occur as the result of random and very rare beneficial mutations. Thus, according to Darwin, the entire earth ought to be littered with innumerable fossils showing these minute gradations of change.

Mr. Luckstead, who has no place for God in science, apparently believes in the “Demon of the gaps” principle. He chooses to focus on a few selected fossils that he claims validates his theory, while ignoring the gaps of millions of years required to authenticate his theory, scientifically. This is religious faith, not science!

FYI! A loss or alteration of only two nucleotides results in death. Can you imagine the changes required in the billions of nucleotides necessary to evolve a sinonyx into a pakicetus without killing the intermediaries?

Now, what it would take to evolve a sinonyx into a whale?

Guillermo F. Garcia

College Place


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