Letter - Why would Sgt. Blackman ask for a demotion?


Sheriff John Turner likes to hire his old friends, and putting them in the appointed positions lets him avoid the county’s normal hiring process.

First Ed Freyer and later John King. Both are old friends from California. Neither went through the normal hiring procedure.

Just bump someone down so he can open up an appointed position for an old friend. Seriously think about it.

Why would Barry Blackman ask for a demotion then turn around and run against Turner? Because that isn’t the way it happened.

Turner basically said, “I want to hire my old friend so you’re getting demoted.” King visited in September 2012, moved to Walla Walla and got appointed in early 2013. It may be legal, but it isn’t ethical.

I have watched in quiet disbelief as Mr. Turner’s lies have evolved over the last 1½ years, including his news releases regarding the demotion of Deputy Blackman.

The press really hates being lied to. Mr. Turner has no physical evidence to support his malicious claims at this time, but I am sure that is an oversight he will correct very shortly.

Just watch his website and read the paper.

But if you look at the personnel file on Sgt. Blackman, it is clean. Please look for yourself. He is above reproach, unless you listen to Turner.

Mr. Turner’s old friend Ed Freyer may be endorsing Turner, but he wrote a strong letter of recommendation for Barry Blackman. Which should carry more weight? Support for an old friend or for a recent colleague?

Mr. Turner claims there is no distention in his office, yet two of his people are running against him. One of them used to be a staunch supporter.

Both have seen the truth and are victims of his lies. The rest of his supporters can continue to be ostriches and keep their heads buried in the sand while he kicks their rears, cleans your pockets and blames someone else.

Or you can pull your heads out, open your eyes and actively seek the truth.

It’s called public disclosure. You should use it. Or are your minds already made up and you can’t be bothered by the facts that will reveal the truths.

And the truth shall set you free Mr. Turner. Free to go back to California. Please take your friends with you.

Steven Riggle

Walla Walla


campbell_rd 1 year, 1 month ago

Some sort of evidence would be an added plus. I have participated in the screening for promotion, it was more than fair and professional. Also I would put John King and Eddie Freyer's (30+ years in the FBI) experience against Mr Barry Blackman any day. Sheriff Turner did the best for the community.


cropcircles 1 year, 1 month ago

Perhaps you didn't read Turner's letter to the UB or Blackman's letter also printed in the UB. It's obvious Turner lied about the process or manner in which he hired King. Maybe you did participate in the promotion, but one of the many lies told was Blackman participated in the hiring of King which is 100% false. How many lies must Turner tell before you begin to question his integrity and the many other core values he professes to live by?


mythoughts 1 year, 1 month ago

Same people spreading their lies. You all know there is only so much Sheriff Turner can say to defend himself due to privacy laws. How about Mr Blackman releasing ALL his employment records and Mr Cooper release ALL his records pertaining to his L&L claim and his frivolous claims against the Sheriff? Until then, I'm not buying into the rumors and half truths.


Chas 1 year, 1 month ago

When hiring two people outside the normal process and whom only share a former association to Sheriff Turner makes me ask if he's inclined to surround himself with sycophants and "Yes" men. Sheriff Turner did not attend County Commissioner Hearings where he may have been asked awkward budget questions by other elected officials. Does he lack the temperament to attend? I wish I knew.


mythoughts 1 year ago

Research the Sheriff candidates instead of listening to rumors and half truths. Here are some links to go to:

Link to the Sheriff Candidates Forum that was held in Touchet June 24, 2014.

Here are the links to the interviews done by the radio station KUJ. Just scroll down the page until you find each candidate (John Turner, Barry Blackman, Tom Cooper). http://kujam.com/common/page.php?id=52


cropcircles 1 year ago

You asked Blackman to release all employment records and you got them. Check it out. It's all there on his website. Www.blackman4sheriff.co


mythoughts 1 year ago

Just because information is on his website doesn't mean it ALL the information.


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