Letter- Turn down the volume at rodeo and other events


Fair time is just around the corner, and with it comes the rodeo.

I have nothing against the rodeo. We try to go every year, In fact, we went last year.

But we have serious doubts about going this year because of the extremely high and dangerous decibel level of the speaker system at the rodeo.

I understand there might be some people who have a hearing problem, but the sound level at the rodeo is dangerously high. So high, in fact, we saw people holding their ears — some were even wearing ear plugs.

A young lady in our row was getting sick from the ear-blasting sound.

There is absolutely no reason to have the speaker level so high it makes people sick or forces them to wear hearing protection.

A decibel level this high can and will damage people’s hearing. Tone it down!

We live a mile away from the fairgrounds, and we can plainly hear the sound from our house.

Being blasted by sound this high takes away the enjoyment of the rodeo and other entertainment.

Come on Fair Board, turn down the sound.

Richard Bardsley

Walla Walla


chicoli 9 months, 3 weeks ago

I live 4 miles away from the fairgrounds and I can also hear it from my idilic, peaceful area! I stop going to the rodeos, for the same reason Richard did, ten years ago. Moreover, I believe that many actives in town have the tendency to kick up the decibels to intolerable proportions!

The question should be, who is in charge?


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